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Thank you for coming to my website!

Currently, the online boutique is in vacation mode;  you will be able to peruse the site, but you will be unable to make any purchases at this time.

I will post the reopening schedule here.

Thank you for your patience + understanding! 

Much love,





Goodbye Cyber Monday;  Hello Black Cyber November!

Goodbye Cyber Monday; Hello Black Cyber November!

Posted by janet on 9th Nov 2022

How does "Black Friday" and "Cyber Monday" make you feel? As a person who often partakes in retail therapy, I salivate all year long, mentally justifying a barrage of excuses to justify purchasing stuff I want but don't really need. "Yeah, no. Imma wait for Black Friday/Cyber Monday to treat mysel …
JanetJewelry is now in Summer Vacay Mode!

JanetJewelry is now in Summer Vacay Mode!

Posted by janet on 30th Jun 2022

While I miss it in many ways, the best thing about not having a brick + mortar retail store is that I can easily put into Vacay Mode without having to worry about the high overhead of Manhattan commercial rent! I've always loved to travel + am so grateful that I can take my summers …
Summer 2021 Schedule!

Summer 2021 Schedule!

Posted by janet on 1st Jul 2021

For those of you who've been with me for years on end, thank you. I hope you've all been doing ok, but that's another blog for later.  The short version for us, is that we're doing ok, Merv is still working remotely, the kids finished a combo of remote + hybrid school schedule for this year an …
JanetJewelry during Shelter-In-Place

JanetJewelry during Shelter-In-Place

Posted by janet on 13th Apr 2020

It’s been a challenge to get jewelry work done at the moment, but orders are still going out, although I’m limiting mail drop offs to once a week, on Saturdays. Thanks for your understanding and patience. With the closing of the casting companies in NYC, I will be limited in what I can make from hom …