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***Please note:  these are previous testimonials that I transferred from the old site, and they're just snippits from a huge pile that I've collected since 1997!  

This *NEW* website has a "Reviews" function for each item, so if you've previously bought jewelry from me and you love it, please please PLEASE write your reviews and rate the jewelry pieces that you have purchased from Janetjewelry!  It really makes a difference!  

If you are new to JanetJewelry, please check out the reviews of the items you like, and if you have any questions about an item, please don't hesitate to email me:  janet@janetjewelrycom

I am a one-woman company--it means a lot to me that people take time out of their busy days to email me kind notes!  It makes my job all the more worthwhile, and I am truly grateful.  

Thank you! xoxo, janet


"I received my [Postmodern Candy] necklace from you today and am already wearing it!!! I absolutely LOVE it and I know I will be back to order more!!! Thank you!
-- Alison K., Alpharetta, GA

"As someone who is jewelry *obsessed*, I know quite a bit about artisan jewelry - specifically pieces cast in sterling silver. Not only is your work very high quality, but you keep your prices reasonable. I suppose I just wanted to thank you for that. Also, your online store and personal site are very welcoming and easy to view. I hope you are enjoying much success - you deserve it!'
-- Simone B., Wantagh, NY

"The order came on Friday! Thanks... I opened the box (of course) and the necklace is SO CUTE!! I think my sis will totallly dig it... Thanks so much for the prompt and professional attention. I love shopping through Bust because it's always real peple and small businesses..."
-- Bunny T., Santa Cruz, CA

"I just wanted to say that I received the [Danger Girl] ring yesterday and I LOVE IT!!!! It is so adorable, honestly thank you so much and you do the most beautiful work. I'll definitely be purchasing from you again soon."
-- Andrea C., Lewisburg, TN

"Thanks so much! I love your jewelry!!! Unique and very creative!!! This is the second time I've purchased from you for my girlfriends--and they just love your collection, too!"
--Sarah C., Fremont, CA

"My sister loved the "American Spirit" Necklace that I got for her birthday. She literally called me in tears. She said that 'I asked you for something that if people asked me where did you get that- I could say from NYC. I never expected something like this. The story behind it is beautiful. It's beautiful, I love it.' She was so touched. She said she would wear it always. Well, Thank you my dear for creating a work of art that touched someone I love in such a wonderful way."
--Rebecca G., New York, NY

"I received my Carnelian with Hearts Bracelet today and just wanted to tell you how much I like it...a LOT. Better still, my girlfriend will LOVE it, and making my girlfriend happy makes me very thanks."
--Kurt M, Scotland, PA

"I received my [Thai Kickboxing] tee and I love it! I will promote you widely! Your excellent customer sservice and cute packaging was a bonus. Keep up the good work!"
--Laura V., Milwaukee, WI

"I have to tell you that I didn't consider myself to be a jewelry person, but I was totally converted when I first saw your website! Now I wear my Heart Tag Necklace and my Groove Bracelet all the time and whenever people compliment me on them--which is all the time--I always make sure to tell them about your site!""
--Susan B., Montreal, Canada

"I just got my{Heart Tag} necklace in the mail and absolutely LOVE how the engraving came out :).... I'm a major fan of your website (both jewelry and non-jewelry related) - keep up the good work!!""
--Kali L., Yonkers, NY

"I received my items (Stars for Squares Necklace and Danger Girl Bracelet with Black Onyx Stars), what fast service!! Thank you so much, I love both pieces, I know my friend will love her present, too! :)"
--Sarah B., Easton, PA

I just got the jewelry I ordered the other day (the Intergalactic Starlight Necklace and the Kanji Droplet Necklace) and I LOVE THEM!!! Thank you for the timely delivery and personal touches--the lollipop and personal note were a nice surprise!! I will definitely be doing business with you again and hyping up your jewelry to all that I know!!!"
--Michelle A., Greensboro, NC

"I really really really love my new belly chain. It's so beautifully crafted. And thanks so much for the personal touch...handwritton note, ribbon on the box and tons of postcards. I'll definitely put the word out to my community here in the Bay Area...."
--Suzanne B., Oakland, CA

"Just wanted to say thanks for the lovely Double Heart Necklace my husband bought me for an anniversary present after I circled the picture of it in an issue of Bust! It's beautiful, I love it!"
--T.M., Edinburgh, Scotland

"I received my groovy [Postmodern Candy] keychain last night and I completely flipped out.... I love it!!!! I am proudly showing it off to everyone who passes my desk."
--Jennifer L., Lyndhurst, NJ

"My order arrived safe & sound, and the necklaces are even more wonderful than I thought they'd be! My problem now is deciding which to wear--I've taken to switching every few hours...."
--Jenn R., Glendale, CA

"I received my order yesterday and everything is absolutely gorgeous!.... I love your site and I will definitely be ordering again."
--Jen A., Burnaby, Canada

"We got the rings today and we LOVE them. They are exactly what we were hoping for. Thanks so much, you do beautiful work."
--Amanda W., West Harwich, MA

"That was the fastest delivery ever!!! I got my Stars for Squares Necklace yesterday, and I adore it! What an awesome surprise to arrive so quickly. As always, it''s a fabulous piece of jewelry and I know I'm going to get loads of compliments on it.... Thanks for the great Customer Apppreciation Sales you put together. The emails from you are always a reminder that I ought to treat myself to a little special sparkly something form time to time."
--Michelle B., CA

"I received my Stardust bracelet and necklace earlier this week and fell in love! They are fabulous.... I've decided to send all of my girlfriends something from your line for their birthdays this year! Good Luck in 2003!"
--Tisha M., Las Vegas, NV

"I LOVEthe necklaces I got from you...they came quickly and are exactly what I wanted. I loved your amazing customer service.... Thanks again...I'm sure I'll be back for more!"
--Shelly H., Rockford, IL

"I love the [Stardust] earrings!! I put them on as soon as they came in and I'm not sure they're coming out!! Thanks again for a wonderful purchase. I can't wait until I can get to NYC and see the store."
--Laurie T., Boston, MA

"The stuff arrived yesterday and I love it, have not stopped playing with the [Disco Ball] ring since last night :) I'm trying to be 'good' but I suspect I'll be ordering again before long. Thanks!"
--Rose C., New York City, NY

"I received my jewelry today and I LOVE IT!!!!! Thank you so much... You should open a store in San Francisco... I'm sure it would do really well!"
--Julie N., Alameda, CA

"I got my necklace today and wanted to let you know, I absolutely love it!! Thank you so much! Your packaging is also very cute. I'm so glad I found your site!"
--Ninni T., Torrance, CA

"I really wanted you to know that the necklace is really cool and I have already gotten a TON of compliments from it..... I will look at your other auctions when I am on ebay and I will check out your site, too. This has been my most positive ebay experience to date. Yea!!! You rock. Thanks again."
--Amanda A., Mount Pleasant, MI

"I just received my Hearts for Squares Necklace in the mail today. I love it!! This is my first purchase from you but it won't be my last. The picture of the necklace on the web was nice enough to get me to buy it, but doesn't compare to how nice it really is!!! I actually am into making jewelry myself...beading. So I can really appreciate what you do. Thank you so much!"
--Wendy T., Havertown, PA

"I wanted to thank you for the excellent customer service. The order came in faster than I expected.... I've been receiving some crappy service lately, so it's especially appreciated. I'll definitely visit the site again!."
--Liz W., of Chicago, IL

"Thanks for getting me my new Urban Puka Necklace so quickly! I love
it--it looks even better in person. I can't wait to wear it--I'm sure
you'll be getting a lot of referrals when I do...."
--Jean C., of New York, NY

"I just received the jewelry and I am thrilled. Your work is beautiful, and I have already told several people about your website. As a person who greatly values originality and having her own 'style,' I am particularly pleased with the pieces because they are not only lovely, but very unique as well. Thank you so much!"
--Penelope K., of Culver City, CA

"I love the bracelet! Thanks so much for offering such creative and beautiful artwork. You are truly amazing... I'm eyeballing two other pieces I have to have!! Thanks again!!
--Bobbi C., of Alameda, CA

"Thank you so much for the jewelry! They look great. I was showing my friends and I gave them your business card so I am sure you will be hearing from a lot more people from Milwaukee, WI. Thanks again!
--Heather T., of Milwaukee, WI

"I just wanted to personally thank you for the beautiful and perfect rings that you created for [my boyfriend] and I. They added just the right touch to our anniversary.... As always, your jewelry does not disappoint! Thanks again for everything!"
--Kerry B., of Miami, FL

"I got the order in the mail yesterday. I LOVE the Go, Girl! Necklace. All of my co-workers were commenting on my FunkyTown Earrings. I'm thinking about getting the larger pair in my next order.... I have so much cool jewelry from you, I don't know what to wear already. Thanks again!"
--Michel M., of Honolulu, HI

"I received the jewelry yesterday and they kick ass! Thanks--my friends will be amazed by my amazing gift-choosing skills...."
--Alison W., San Ramon, CA

"I just got the ring! It has to be the most unique and wonderful piece I've bought in a very long time. Postmodern Candy is so sweet!!! Keep the awesome designs coming and I'm sure to go broke in a fit of abject worship. You rock!"
--Amanda M., of Raleigh, NC

"I got the ring and anklet today and they're great! The ring is exactly what I wanted, and I love it! I'll definitely keep checking your site, you're the best! Thanks again!"
--Tina, D., of Hamden, CT

"The keychains are really cool looking. They’re very classy and out of the ordinary, which we like. Alex wears one on his set of keys and Dan (our manager) wears the ‘Postmodern Candy’ charm on his keys. Rock on, Janet!"
--Phantom Planet

"We love them so much! I’ve said this before, but once again, I am so excited that your jewelry doesn’t just look great, but they are also of remarkable quality. I’m on tour now, so I’ll be wearing them a lot!!!"
--Yuka Honda of Cibo Matto

"This summer, I wore your jewelry a lot on tour. I love your taste--great quality, very original and unique designs. What I like, is that it’s not too feminine or too cute."
--Miho Hatori of Cibo Matto

"I was so excited when I received my package. Everything I ordered was great! I really appreciate your help in trying to figure out sizes. I especially love my Elixer Ring and Groove Bracelet. I've received numerous compliments already and I can't bear to be without them! Again, I wish you good luck and much success."
--Karen H., Parsippany, NJ

"My order arrived yesterday and I have to say that your work looks even better in person than it does on the web page. My girlfriend also seemed very happy with the present—she wore the necklace to sleep!"
--Greg C. of San Francisco, CA

"Thank you times a million for your wonderful jewelry…. I am so pleased with them both and they look great. The order was processed and sent out so quickly, I am extremely impressed with your online services and will no doubt be ordering again from it in the near future. Your jewelry is really fantastic and I commend you on your ever growing success."
--Sarah T., of Cornwall, England

"The bracelets (Adjustable Candy Bracelets) arrived yesterday and they're GREAT! I'm going to have to tack a few onto every order I make from now on until I have every color! Thanks for the tip on how to help them keep their shape!"
--Kathy C., Stoneham, MA

"What incredibly fast service--I got the jewelry today--love both the ring and the necklace--exactly what I wanted and the inscribing came out great!"
--a happy customer, Tricia B., of Imperial, MO

"I have been talking about your website and your jewelry for a week now. I really think it's a great line and I was SO happy with the items when they came in..... I have already had so many compliments on the ring and the necklace (Postmodern) that I've worn so far.... I am, of course, a jewelry nut and I am so into it that I notice all of it out there and I think I have a good eye for seeing pieces I know people would love to wear. Your line is like that!"
--Laurie M., of Villa Park, CA

"I received the Vintage 4-Pointed Star Bracelet and Earring Set in the mail today, and I wanted to tell you that I really love it!!! Now I know where to go to shop for really cool stuff. Thanks!"
--Terry W. of San Bruno, CA

"I just got your thank you note in the mail and I was so impressed that you would take the time to write thank you notes to your customers! I have never had a business write me a thank you and frankly, it made my day and made me want to purchase from you even more, as well as tell all my friends about you!"
--Caryn S. of Akron, OH

"I just wanted to send you a quick note to say how much I love both necklaces. I have gotten many comments on them and just wanted to tell you how happy I am with them. They are beautiful."
--Tracy C. of New York, NY

"I bought a necklace from you… I have not taken it off. I really love it and get so many compliments on it. Your jewelry is really awesome. I’m spreading the word about your site."
--Heather M. H. of Washington, DC (mostly)

"I forgot to write you to thank you for shipping my necklace out with the lollipop. I was too excited on Friday when it arrived, and wore it to my friend’s party where it was a hit. I might be rounding up a few new Canadian customers for you!"
--Lisa L. of Toronto, Canada

"It’s beautiful! It completely surpassed all my expectations. Thank you so much for helping to make a special occasion even more special…my sister loves it."
--Garrett C. of Renton, WA

"I just wanted to tell you how much I love my Murano Star Necklace. It’s so adorable. I also wore it at a tradeshow that happened last week and received tons of compliments on it, too!"
--Candice U. of Cypress, CA

"I got the Murano Star! It’s really pretty, and I really like the silver hook closure too. The personalized thank you note with the lollipop was very special. I don’t think there’s really anyone else out there that would take the time out to personally address the customer."
--Pearl S. of Metuchen, NJ