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STARTER SET: 3 varying sizes of the Diamond Shaped Handmade Earwire Hoops (10% off as a bundle)

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Get the STARTER SET--all 3 sizes of hoops at 10% off!  Once you have the starter set, you can start purchasing all the accessories on its own, without having to purchase anymore hoops!

These sleek, minimalist earrings are great for every day wear, from casual to dressy!  Can be worn just on their own, or combine with our "Design Your Own" Series to create a variety of looks to suit your outfit/hair/mood! 

Material & Technique:

  • Handmade by Janet in her NYC home studio
  • Made with 21 gauge sterling silver wire 

Product Size + Details:

  • Each hoop pair is handmade in a diamond shape hoop, designed by Janet, with a looped end to secure the earrings to your earlobe.
  • Size Small:  approx 1.5cm x 1.5cm (ala carte price:  $26)
  • Size Medium:  approx 2cm x 2cm (ala carte price:  $30)
  • Size Long:  approx 1.8cm x 3cm long--this size is more of an elongated hoop (ala carte price: $36)