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Earrings of Prometheus, Stem Style

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Prometheus (meaning "foresight"): 1) son of a Titan and a nymph, is known in Greek mythology as the one who stole fire back from Zeus, in which Zeus retaliated by creating woman (Pandora); 2) name of one of the moons of Saturn, which along with Pandora, acts as satellites to Jupitur's F Ring.

Material & Technique:

  • Originally, I made the ring out of wax, using dental tools to create a textured surface, then cast it in sterling
  • These production pieces have been cast in sterling silver in New York City
  • All cast pieces are hand filed, sanded, and finished by Janet in her NYC studio
  • The new "stem" style:  for this more minimalist, modern look, I've soldered 20g sterling silver wires directly onto my original cast hoops, and shaped the wire to form long "stems"

Product Size & Detail:

  • Pendant size:  approximately 1 1/8" diameter (about the size of a quarter), and the width of the ring is approximately 3/16" wide, 1/16" thick
  • 20g Sterling silver earwire
  • Earring length from top to bottom stem of earwire:  2"