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Currently, the online boutique is in vacation mode;  you will be able to peruse the site, but you will be unable to make any purchases at this time.

I will post the reopening schedule here.

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JanetJewelry during Shelter-In-Place

JanetJewelry during Shelter-In-Place

Posted by janet on 13th Apr 2020

It’s been a challenge to get jewelry work done at the moment, but orders are still going out, although I’m limiting mail drop offs to once a week, on Saturdays. Thanks for your understanding and patience. With the closing of the casting companies in NYC, I will be limited in what I can make from home right now. Keeping busy by making stuff is allowing me to keep my anxiety manageable, so I’d like to keep doing it. We’ll see where this goes, but I’m grateful to be healthy and safe, along with my family. Thank you to those who have reached out. My heart goes out to friends who have sick loved ones whom they can’t be with right now as we shelter in place, and to friends who have already lost loved ones. It makes me feel helpless to feel your pain from a distance, and I don’t know how best to support you, but I’m here if you need me.

Thank you to all the essential workers, healthcare workers, delivery people, grocery store clerks—everyone who is out there for the rest of us, as I recognize, sheltering in place is a privilege. Everyone, please be safe, healthy, and take care of each other. From a distance, of course. This is the kanji “Ai,” meaning love. It’s a work in progress, like we are now.

I’m going to keep posting positive things I’m doing from/at home to keep my kids’ spirits up, because the more positive they feel, the better their bodies can keep their immune systems up during a pandemic like now. When I see others doing something positive, fun and unusual, it inspires me to think creatively, too. That is what I hope I can provide with my random DIYs and goofy date nite Thursdays, as we shelter in place.

But I just want to leave a note here, please know it is ok to not feel 100% positive 100% of the time. This, right now, is unprecedented for our generation, and we all have different coping mechanisms, and mine happens to be, “keep productive.” My husband’s is, “make everyone laugh.” So it looks on social like we’re having a blast and being super productive, but the honest truth is, like everyone else, some days are harder than others, and I, too, have had days when I just dig into a massive piece of cake while binge watching not-kid-friendly shows on Netflix, while hiding from my kids. My friends are starting to lose their jobs one by one; my healthcare friends are having to reuse their PPE; my dad is 93 and I worry every time my sister has to take him to the doctor’s when certain essential appts are due. It’s difficult to not go down that rabbit hole (and I’ve done that, too)—but that said, I know I’m in a lucky place compared to many. If you need help, reach out to a loved one, or call a helpline. If you’re in an abusive relationship during shelter in place, try to find a safe place and time to call a helpline for more information, or help in finding safe options that may be available to you. We may be in social distancing mode, but you are not alone.