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Repairs FAQs

What is your repair policy? I guarantee my jewelry for 1 year after date of purchase. If you have any repairs on JanetJewelry within that timeframe (i.e. if a chain breaks) please email me about the repair, and I can send you directions as to how to send the item back to me for repairs, and I will repair it free of charge. All repairs need to be send to our P.O. Box (address below), and will be mailed back to you via USPS 1st Class Mail after the repairs are made. Any further questions about the repairs, please email me:

Can you repair my jewelry if it's been over a year? Yes I can. Jewelry, like any other piece of clothing or accessory, is not indestructible--silver is a soft metal, and needs copper as an alloy in order to make it harder, but it is not as hard as, say, platinum. Therefore, after a lot of use, especially with daily wear and tear and years of use, it may, eventually, break. I can make the repairs for you, even after the 1 year after the date of purchase, but the cost of the repair will depend on the repair needing to be done. For example, if the chain breaks at the end near the clasp and you have all the parts, I can repair it for you free of charge. However, if you need an entirely new chain (the chain breaks in the middle), you will have to purchase a new chain--I can sell that to you at wholesale cost, provided that it is the same chain in the same length as when purchased. The cost of the chain will depend on the type of chain. 

So as you can see, each repair is different, so before you send it back to me, it is imperative that you EMAIL ME about the repair that needs to be done, and I can assist you on an individual basis.

We ONLY do repairs on JANETJEWELRY! If you have any other jewelry to repair, your best bet is to do a web search for "Jewelry Repair" in your zip code. 

Why is that? Jewelry is made in a specific order, and you use different solders which melt at different temperatures, so when you are making repairs, you have to keep that order in mind and work backwards. I make every piece of JanetJewelry by hand, so I know how it was made, and therefore, I know how to best make the repair. However, I cannot guarantee someone else's work, and moreover, I cannot take responsibility for someone else's work. Therefore, we only do repairs on JanetJewelry.

Where do I send it back to? Again, please DO NOT just send it back--email me for individual assistance! But here is my mailing address, so you have it:

Janet Sterling Silver Design
P. O. Box 1369
New York, NY 10113